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How Long Does Car Paint Correction Take?

For most car owners, maintaining the showroom shine of their vehicle is high on their priority list. The process of paint correction involves completely eliminating swirl marks, scratches, and other flaws from the surface of an automobile’s paintwork until it resembles the same quality as the day it rolled off the factory floor. But what does the paint correction process involve? And how long does paint correction take?

The duration of a paint correction service is determined by various factors and, in this blog post, by the expert team from Supreme Detail and Tint in Encinitas, CA, we will explore what they are, so you can determine how long a paint correction service will take on your personal vehicle.

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What Does The Paint Correction Process Involve?

Paint correction is a multistep process which involves using a variety of polishers and cutting compounds to completely remove imperfections from the surface of a vehicle.

The initial step involves preparing the vehicle for the correction process. This includes washing the automobile, cleaning the surface, and clay barring to remove any contaminants that could potentially interfere with the procedure.

Once the preparation of the vehicle is completed, detailers will use a machine polisher and specialized compounds to eliminate defects from the car’s surface. Depending on the severity of the damage and the style of paintwork, the detailer will employ a variety of polishing pads and compounds to get the best results.

Following the completion of  the initial correction process, the paintwork will be refined to guarantee a smooth, even finish. In this step, a finer polishing pad and compound are used to erase any remaining defects and achieve a glossy, shiny, mirror like finish.

Factors That Influence How Long Paint Correction Will Take

The duration of the paint correction process is influenced by a number of different factors. Here are the main elements that will affect how long a paint correction service will take.

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Size Of The Vehicle

The size of the vehicle which is being worked on is a significant factor which will affect how long a paint correction service takes. Bigger vehicles, such as SUVs, pickup trucks and off-road vehicles, will take longer to work on than smaller automobiles. The paint correction expert will need to spend more time, effort and materials on larger vehicles to fully fix the paintwork.

Extent Of Damage To The Paintwork

The severity and amount of damage to the paintwork is another important aspect that will directly affect the time necessary for paint correction. If there are only a few minor scratches, the repair might just take a few hours. However, if there are deeper scratches or significant paint flaws, paint correction can take several days to complete.

Type Of Paintwork

The duration of a paint correction service can also vary depending on the type of paint.  A metallic finish, for example, will take longer to fix than a standard paint finish.

Skill Level Of The Detailer

Another crucial aspect to consider when determining the duration of a paint correction service is the detailer’s expertise, experience and skill level. A skilled professional will finish the job faster and more efficiently than someone who has not done the job before. It is crucial to select a fully trained professional detailer to carry out the paint correction process on your vehicle.

Should You Consider Paint Correction For Your Vehicle?

If you are somebody who wants to maintain the appearance of your vehicle and protect its resale value, then paint correction is most certainly a worthwhile investment. As you can see from this article, a variety of elements will influence how long paint correction will take, so make sure to keep these in mind before taking your vehicle in for the service.

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High Quality Paint Correction Services in Encinitas, California

Supreme Detail and Tint provides first class paint correction services in Encinitas, CA. Our expert team has decades of experience in the car care industry and are highly skilled in the paint correction process. To schedule an appointment with Supreme Detail and Tint, contact us at (+1)760-677-8777 or visit our showroom at 1626 Burgundy Rd, Encinitas, CA 92024. Book your paint correction appointment today!

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