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Do new cars need paint correction?

Paint correction is essential for maintaining the gloss and shine of your vehicle’s paint by eliminating defects such as scratches, swirl marks, etching, and hologram effects. However, most vehicle owners still wonder if their new car needs a paint correction service. What is paint correction? Why is paint correction necessary? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and more info about paint correction with Supreme Detail and Tint in Encinitas, California.

Do new cars need paint correction Supreme Detail and Tint in Encinitas CA

Understanding the term “ paint correction” 

Paint correction removes defects and scratches from a vehicle’s exterior by leveling off or “cutting” them away. Paint correction is accomplished using various methods, equipment, and supplies. It is a process you should leave to professionals because it requires precise calculation and a lot of skill. Depending on the type of defects and the current condition of your vehicle’s paint, there are different steps of paint correction.

Step 1: Removing heavy defects

The first step is obtaining an aggressive cutting agent, a machine grinder, and a buffing pad to penetrate the paint damage deeply, such as medium swirl marks and scratches.

Step 2: Smoothening

At this step, when a vehicle’s paint has moderate to minor scratches in the clear coat, you will use two different polishes and pads. Typically, a more abrasive polish is used initially, followed by a finer compound to erase any minor scratches left by the abrasive polish.

Step 3: Final polishing

This is a one-step polishing process using a pad and finishing chemical. The single-stage paint restoration eliminates etching from contaminants, and water spots, resulting in a brilliant surface.

Why does a new car paint need to get a paint correction service?

Professional paint correction treatment helps eliminate unattractive blemishes and maintain your vehicle’s brightness. In addition to removing scratches, paint correction will transform the clear coat on your car, resulting in a brilliant shine.

Moreover, paint correction will enable your new vehicle’s paint to last longer. The restoration process will enhance your factory paint and keep it shielded from harmful contaminants on the road for longer.

Paint correction is often a matter of personal choice, but it is necessary for your vehicle’s overall health and lifespan. In addition, it is vital to properly maintain and routinely clean your car to remove any impurities that may corrode the surface.

Clear coat defects

When leaving a vehicle exposed to direct sunlight or other exterior elements for a long time, the clear coat will deteriorate and become blurry, as called a cloudy appearance. Paint correction will make the car shine and prevent this hazy appearance.


Dust is one of the most typical paint defects on new vehicles. It is the haphazard peeling of paint caused by foreign matter like dust and dirt. 

Hologram defects

Holograms are the fine scratches that automotive surfaces suffer, typically due to polishing, which may be difficult to see without the proper light. The vehicle may have seemed complete at the showroom, but when examined in ideal lighting, it is evident that it still needs to be finished. They are examples of hidden vehicle paint defects on new cars that paint correction can help prevent.

Do you need paint correction before applying a ceramic coating or paint protection film?

Ceramic coatings and PPF are both methods that effectively lock in the paint’s appearance and shield the clear coat from the harmful effects of the environment. However, nobody wants their expensive new ceramic coating or PPF to show stains and scratches beneath the transparent coatings. Once the coating has been sealed, the paint underneath can only be cleaned by completely removing the ceramic coating or PPF. To save you time and money, performing a paint correction before putting on protection is the ideal first step.

If you are looking for professional paint correction in Encinitas, Supreme Detail and Tint offers qualified, fully trained personnel and cutting-edge technology to increase your vehicle’s value and improve its shine. Call us to schedule an appointment at 760-677-8777 or visit 1626 Burgundy Rd, Encinitas, CA 92024.

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