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Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Rock Chips?

If you take pride in the appearance of your car, you want it to remain glossy and clean. Wax can certainly help in protecting the paint and enhancing the shine of your vehicle, but it must be continually reapplied. Consider investing in ceramic coating if you want your car to be preserved and look its best for longer. But can ceramic coating protect against rock chips? Let’s find out with Supreme Detail and Tint in Encinitas, CA!

Ceramic Coating Protects Against Rock Chips: Is It True?

The answer is NO! Although ceramic coatings may prevent minor scratches, they do not protect against rock chips. Due to the force, velocity, and distinctive size of rock fragments and road debris, they may cause damage to the ceramic coating which is unavoidable. 

Ceramic coating Supreme Detail and Tint CA


What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating?

Water resistant

Ceramic coating‘s hydrophobic properties make cleaning easier since it repels water. Water, dirt, or any other substance will glide off, making it ten times simpler to clean your vehicle than usual.

Sun Protection 

Paint often oxidizes and fades after prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. A ceramic coating protects your car’s paint from direct exposure to UV rays, considerably slowing the oxidation process.

Less Damage

Ceramic coatings will protect your car’s paint from tiny scratches and abrasions by forming a thin yet robust layer on its surface. It can even defend against naturally acidic pollutants found in animal waste and bug splatters.

Restores That Factory Shine!

Do you like the appearance of your automobile after a new coat of wax? With a ceramic coating, you’ll never miss that look ever again! Ceramic coatings impart a permanent luster and shine to your automobile’s finish.

With Proper Application, How Long Will Ceramic Coating Last?

A ceramic coating may last between two and five years with adequate care. Ceramic coatings need proper maintenance to last this long however. Before investing in a ceramic coating, it is essential to understand how to maintain it properly.

Allow It Time To Cure

Coatings made of ceramic need curing time. Typically, ceramic coatings need two to three weeks to cure completely. During this time, it is necessary to park your vehicle in a safe location, preferably not underneath trees. This will help to prevent large amounts of bird droppings, pollen, and dirt from clinging to the surface and baking into the paintwork. Throughout the drying process, covered parking is the best option.

Keep the Surface Clean

Comparable to wax, a ceramic coating protects your car from water and dirt. As with paint protection, dirt and other impurities may discolor and dull the surface. To maintain the paint in excellent condition, you should wash your vehicle at least once a week (by hand, if possible). Invest in microfiber towels and do the job properly! 

Schedule A Car Detailing Appointment

Periodically, get your vehicle maintained by a company with ceramic coating expertise. The products utilized by shops are far better than those supplied by Amazon or Walmart. Combining these products and the shop’s knowledge will be effective for maintaining the clean look of your car. We recommend doing this every six months.

What Is The Cost Of Ceramic Coating?

The cost of ceramic coating depends on the vehicle’s size and condition.Typically, larger vehicles will be more expensive to coat with ceramic than smaller vehicles. In addition, if your car is brand new and already in good condition, you will need to spend less than someone who drives an older vehicle which is covered in scratches and markings.  A higher price can also reflect a more costly ceramic coating product.


Even though ceramic coatings cannot defend against rock chips, they are still a great investment for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings make it simpler to preserve a clean, shining look while protecting your vehicle from the elements. The team at Supreme Details And Tint in Encinitas, California, care for automobiles using highly sophisticated methods. Call us at +1 760-677-8777 or visit us at 1626 Burgundy Road, Encinitas, California 92024, United States, to obtain a free quote for applying a ceramic coating to your automobile.


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