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Supreme Detail & Tint offers the best Ceramic Coating Services in Encinitas, CA

Ceramic Coating: How does it work?

To protect a vehicle’s paint from external damage, a ceramic coating is put to the exterior. It’s usually applied by hand and combined with your car’s paint, providing an extra layer of hydrophobic protection.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical applied by hand to your car’s paint. Ceramic coating sticks to the paint and can last many years, depending on the product and how it’s maintained. Consequently, your vehicle will have a sparkling, new finish.

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After they’ve been applied, ceramic coatings are long-lasting. Chemical resistance makes them suitable for use in automobiles. Let’s examine many advantages of Ceramic Coating services.

UV protection for the car

UV rays cause problems when exposed to them for an extended period of time. Extreme heat can cause oxidation, resulting in paint fractures or fading. A ceramic coating acts as a shield, rejecting damaging radiation and safeguarding your vehicle from harm.


Bird droppings and bug guts are high in uric acid and enzymes, which can lead to paint destruction. When kept in the sun for too long, mud and filth do the same. The expense of fixing such damage is substantial, and using a ceramic coating is one of the most remarkable ways to reduce it. The lacquer coat adheres to the paint and keeps impurities out.

Hydrophobic features

Water containing calcium and other mineral deposits can leave stains on your vehicle over time. One of the key benefits of a ceramic coating is that it provides your vehicle with hydrophobic qualities, which means that water molecules are repelled and easily glide off when they touch it. This saves the hassle of wiping down your automobile whenever it gets wet.

Extends the life of the vehicle

Because of the extra layer of protection, your car’s paint job and overall exterior will become more durable. The paint will also retain its luster even after years of use. In addition, the ceramic coating helps protect your vehicle from various environmental hazards.


Can you apply a ceramic coating on your brand new car?

Yes, Ceramic coating works best on a new car that has just left the dealership. This is the reason. A smooth, clean, debris-free surface produces the best effects.

What is the time it takes for Ceramic Coating to cure fully?

Ceramic Coating hardens after about 24 hours, but it continues to cure and fully adheres to the car’s paint for one week, though some products may take longer depending on weather conditions.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

It depends on the product and how you care for your automobile during that time, but on average, it lasts anywhere from two to five years if it is well maintained.