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Does ceramic coating make cars shine?

The answer is yes! Having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle is certainly beneficial. A ceramic coating will provide a protective layer, boost the gloss of the vehicle’s paint, and shield the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. A ceramic coating is applied to cars to provide maximum protection against degradation from the elements. Ceramic coating treatments are superior to paint sealers in protecting your vehicle’s finish, and they also leave your vehicle with a gorgeous gloss. To understand more about ceramic coatings and the various benefits they may provide for your car, continue reading this article.

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What value does a ceramic coating bring to your vehicle?

A ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle’s paint, consisting of a primer, a base coat, and a clear coat. This creates an impenetrable barrier between the elements and the paint. Ceramic car coatings function very similarly to a second skin when applied to your vehicle’s outside. Using nanotechnology, a layer that is very thin, transparent, and imperceptible to the human eye is generated. This layer is formed of very tiny particles.

Due to this coating, your vehicle will gain hydrophobic qualities and increased resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, and high temperatures. Because the ceramic coat develops a semi permanent contact with the surface of your vehicle, as long as it is maintained appropriately, it will not be removed by washing and will not deteriorate over time.

What are the benefits that come with using ceramic coating?

Because of its superior characteristics, this coating is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. The following are some of the benefits that ceramic coating may provide for your vehicle:

Ceramic coatings have a surface that repels water.

The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings means that they repel water. After the coating dries and cures, water will begin to bead up on the surface of your vehicle. The additional line of protection prevents contaminants such as dirt, mud, and moisture from adhering to your car’s paint, making it much easier to clean.

UV and oxidation damage are prevented by ceramic coating.

Paint that has been exposed to UV radiation will oxidize, which is an indication that the paint’s constituent parts have begun to degrade and dry up. Automobiles that spend too much time in direct sunlight may lose their luster and shine. The paint will eventually lose its luster and become less vibrant over time. The additional UV protection provided by a ceramic coating ensures that the color of your automobile will continue to look brilliant.

Do you think a ceramic coating would be beneficial for your vehicle?

A ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from brake dust, it will last longer than wax while improving the car’s shine and luster. A ceramic coating provides the best resistance against UV rays and provides an extra layer of protection for the car’s exterior. Unpredictable weather and the sun’s heat can eventually take their toll on your car’s paint. Using solely auto wax as a protective layer leaves your vehicle vulnerable to bird poop, insect splatter, and tree sap. Swirl marks or minor scratches that look like spider webs might be left on your car’s paint even after a cleaning. Although waxing products may be helpful, they don’t provide much long term protection and only last for a few months. Once dry, the coating’s nanotechnology bonds to the car’s surface to give a second layer of protection against dirt, swirl marks, and oxidation.

Why should you choose ceramic coating at Supreme Detail and Tint?

In Encinitas, California, Supreme Detail and Tint provides a wide variety of services, one of which is ceramic coating. If the paint job on your vehicle is past its prime, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists! If you think a ceramic coating may benefit you, we can help you find the right option for your vehicle! You can reach us at (760) 677-8777, email [email protected], or visit our location at 1626 Burgundy Road in Encinitas, California, 92024.

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